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Keith and Kevin Hodge, A.K.A. the Hodgetwins, are two of YouTube’s biggest conservative comedic personalities. You may also recognize them as Twin Muscle, since they got their start on Youtube in the fitness industry. From there, they have made people laugh with their aggressive interactions between each other while reviewing fast food meals in their vehicles.

The Twins shocked their audience when they took a pivot from fitness videos and food reviews to a conservative stance in the political space.

“We had been conservative for quite some time but not openly conservative. We just got tired of sitting back and not saying anything and so we decided to come out and give our thoughts on things going on in the world.”

But this didn’t come without a price, one that cost them a lot of followers.

“Soon as we came out as conservative, we lost a lot of our audience, but we gained a whole new one!”

Now, known as the Conservative Twins, Keith and Kevin are a go-to source for many more who want to receive news the right way!